Master’s Degree Subjects That are Most Employable

Several prospective plus graduates highly consider whether getting a Master’s degree will bolster their employability or increase their earnings. Here are some of the most employable degrees for Master’s.

Forensic, applied, and general Sciences

The field has about 85% of graduates currently in full-time employment or gets enrolled in further studies. It equips prospective students with the right set of skills to utilize through various career paths. Laboratory work, criminal forensics, and biomedicine fall under some of the options that are widely open to you in case you go to pursue a Master’s in their respective field.


According to the data retrieved from the government, almost 80% of graduates with a psychology Master’s are currently employed or are pursuing further studies. Having a Master’s in psychology is critical in gaming the certification and accreditation to become one of the registered psychologists. It is also one of the great ways for you to specialize in a given field of the discipline, including forensic psychology, counseling, and clinical psychology.

Pharmacy, toxicology, and pharmacology

Almost 85% of individuals who got a Master’s in pharmacy, toxicology, or pharmacology are employed or are pursuing further studies. Most destinations for some of the graduates are therapeutics, the Pharmaceutical Industry, and clinical practice.

Teaching and education

Over 85% of individuals who got a Master’s in education are either pursuing further studies or get employed as full-time workers. The employment levels match the postgraduate certificate in education. There are several newly qualified instructors. Therefore, more established professionals in education might want to take a Master’s program to develop their careers or specialize in a particular teaching aspect.

Exercise and Sport Sciences

Around 85% of exercise and sport Sciences postgraduates are either employed or are furthering their studies. Most of these programs are professionally oriented, and you need to be vigilant in each to have a placement for work. Some of the popular vocations are rules that get applied within sports and athletics teams and jobs situated in the educational settings or local community.

Aplied health

It is a general term that entails clinical health and other subjects like physiotherapy, radiology, occupational therapy, and orthoptics. About 87% of the students involved in such areas are either employed or furthering their studies after getting done with their Master’s program and therefore have clear and vivid career pathways. You should also know that there is financial support given to such students who are pursuing such courses.

Veterinary Sciences

Almost 90% of postgraduates under veterinary Sciences are employed full time or further their studies after completing their Master’s program. Such programs tend to have either professional or academic focus, which tend to offer opportunities in specializing in some of the areas that range from livestock and domestic pets to conservation band welfare of animals.

Medical Sciences

Gaining a Master’s in Medical Sciences is an aspect that aims to help medical practitioners complete their advanced training around a particular medicine aspect. Therefore, it makes sense that almost 90% of the students are either employed or are furthering their studies in line with completing their program. Many other opportunities also arise that utilize such qualifications in settings that are not related to clinical lanes, including hospitals’ management on behalf of some of the charity organizations.

Social and health care

Almost 90% of social and health care graduates in Master’s programs are either employed or are furthering their studies in line with finishing their program. Attaining the Master’s in social work is one popular route that students tend to take in this particular area because they are also available to students who are applying for such courses.

Midwifery and nursing

In line with the government’s data, midwifery and nursing Master’s have got the highest rate of employability which stands at 91% of students who are either furthering their studies or are employed full time. Most of these causes tend to benefit from career paths that are well defined and have suffered from the findings generated to help students who are setting such courses to Excel in them. You, therefore, need to look up to such classes in case you want to have job security since most of the students who study nursing or midwifery tend to get consumed by the employment gates as soon as they finish their education.  It is, therefore, a promising landscape.

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